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This section not only has items that will automate your meets but gives info on each type of device.

  • Laptops: we do not sell laptops (unless bought with a lynx system) since they change too often. Try to avoid using a school laptop if you have to logon to a domain when you power up. It makes it harder to network 2 laptops (one for timing, one for results).
  • Networking: Its best to get a small wifi router to connect your timing and results laptops. You can use the wifi if you want them apart from each other but still exchanging data. This is useful for having a seeding station at the clerk, or isolating the timing people from the results people. The wifi can also be used to add a wireless serial port for a clock or wind gauge.
  • Do NOT connect your timing camera by wifi unless it is designed for it. They transmit a lot of data and can overwhelm a wifi network. Lynx does have wireless options designed for thier cameras but nothing beats a cable for reliability.
  • Serial ports are needed to connect clocks and wind gauges to Finishlynx. Wireless versions require a wifi router on the same SSID (configure the serial port to the router's SSID). SerialLynx requires the Nework Com plugin from Lynx. Others come with their own com port emulation drivers.
  • Display clocks - all clocks in this section can be interfaced to a serial port (for finishlynx). Electronumerics clocks must have the RD (remote data) option installed when you buy them.

Ideally, a small meet will have a Lynx camera, with cable connecttion to a router. The timing computer also connects by cable to this router. Cables can be up to 300ft. long. Disable any wifi on the timing computer if its not being used, it may prevent Finishlynx from finding the camera. Share the Lynx folder on this computer allowing guests to connect and change files. You may have to enable the guest account in the Users control panel.

The database computer can be either wired or use the routers wifi. This computer runs the database program (Hy-Tek meet manager, Easymeet, Lynxpad, etc..). This computer should be in the same workgroup as the timing laptop . See the system control panel for naming the workgroups. If your router is using DHCP (most are on by default), it will assign IP addresses to the laptops and camera. Otherwise, be sure they all have the same 3rd number (192.168.#.#). The fourth # of the IP address must be different on each device or you'll get an IP conflict message popup on screen. This is only a concern really if you add a serial wireless device since you usually configure it with a static IP address and SSID to match your router. Make it a high number under 254 (like 192.168.#.250) and write it on the device with a marker.

Feel free to email doug at vsathletics.com with questions on setting up your network.


2 Digit 6 inch LED Lap Counters
FieldLynx Networked Field Event Software
Gill Ultrasonic Wind Gauge 2.0
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Leica Adapter FTA360
Leica Tri-70 Tripod
LJ/TJ Board Video Review System
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Startech 7 Port SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Hub
Startech NETRS232485W Twisted Pair Serial Device Server
Easy Meet Manager
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HY-TEK Meet Manager Sports Software
Easy Team Manager
HY-TEK Team Manager Sports Software
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FinishLynx EtherLynx Vision™ Timing Systems
FinishLynx EtherLynx Vision™ Timing Systems - Competition Packages
FinishLynx Software Plugins/Camera Options
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Microgate External GPS Synchronizer
Lynx Laptop Computer
Lynx Photo Cells
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Lynx Ultrasonic Wind Gauge
Microtab LED Kit - 16X96 Display
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Suggested Retail: $4000.00, save 3%
MicroGraph LED Kit - 32x128 Display
LED Raceclock by Electro-Numerics
Remote Data (RD) option for Electronumerics Clocks
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IPICO RFID Transponder Timing Systems
Horizontal Jumps Laser Measuring Device
HP LaserJet Pro M118dw Wireless Monochrome Laser Printer
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Brother DCPL2540DW Copier
USB to 2 Port Serial Converter
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