Our Special Offers

Free wrench and bag of 3/16 pyramid spikes with IN-STOCK running spike purchase.Offer valid on certain spikes only. Not valid on throw shoes or jump/vault spikes. Not valid on drop shipped spikes. Subject to availability. Free items are not valid for credit, exchange or return. PLEASE SELECT YOUR SIZE BEFORE CLICKING THE SPECIAL OFFER ADD BUTTON. If you fail to select a size, go to the cart page and edit the size on that page. We will not pay for exchange shipping on incorrect sizes selected by the buyer. Free items will be deleted from order if shoe is removed from cart.

FREE SHOT/DISCUS CARRIER WITH IN-STOCK THROW SHOE PURCHASE. Subject to availability. Not valid with drop shipped shoes. Edit the carrier color in your cart before checkout if you care which color you get. No exchanges. Not valid for credit. CHOOSE YOUR SIZE BEFORE CLICKING "ADD ALL TO CART". IF YOU FAIL TO CHOOSE A SIZE, GO TO THE CART PAGE AND EDIT THE ITEM.

Free bag of 3/16 pyramid spikes and ratchet spike wrench with $75 distance spike purchase. add shoe to cart, view cart, add free items. Items have zero return value. Not valid on sale spikes. Deal subject to availability.