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FreeLap BT Timing Systems
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The Freelap Timing System is an easy-to-use, fully automated timing system that is designed for a wide variety of training scenarios including track and field, football combine, downhill skiing, downhill mountain biking, swimming, and virtually any sport that involves speed training.

Freelap can be used to time fly-in sprints, splits, block starts, tempo runs, recovery times, laps, long and triple jump runway speed, football combine 10 and 40-yard dash, agility patterns, to name a few. It is used on the track, football and soccer fields, basketball courts, mountain bike paths, ski slopes, swimming pools, and hockey rinks.

Freelap can be set up in less than a minute. Simply turn on the transmitters and place them on the track or field and begin training. Coaches can set up a 30 meter fly-in sprint in the time it takes them to walk 30 meters.

Freelap is designed to support both the individual athlete and team training. Masters and elite athletes who coach themselves now have the ability to accurately time every sprint of every practice. Coaches who train a team can collect data on all their athletes.

The Freelap components are small and lightweight and many configurations fit in a compact, sturdy case or cinch bag. The small size makes the system convenient for travel. Trainers and athletes can travel with their timing system and continue to train while on the road or at away meets.

Unlike photocell timing systems, Freelap can time multiple athletes simultaneously. For example, Freelap can time several sprinters performing fly-in 30 meter sprints on the inside lanes while timing mid-distance runners performing 200 meter tempo runs in the outside lanes. All of the components are mix and match; components can be purchased in kits or individually.

The precision electronic components are made in Switzerland.

The  Tx Junior Pro Transmitter (6" yellow cone)  is a portable battery-powered device that triggers the Freelap FxChip. A single TX Junior can be used to time laps, or a single TX Junior can be used in combination with the TX Touch, or a pair of TX Juniors can be used to time short sprints. See list for 10-pack discount.

e-Starter-addon (not included in any package) is the ideal solution to manage the starting process of most of sports or disciplines for which reaction time is important. In track and field, where a gold medal can be decided in hundredths of a second, the reaction time can be decisive. Reaction time is now taken into account.

  • e-Starter simulates a gun start of a track meet.
  • e-Starter has a speaker that emits a SET command followed by a BANG
  • The time between SET command and BANG is random.
  • 3 point start & Standing start
  • Time 2 athletes simultaneously
  • Random pistol shot
  • Can be used for block starts and standing starts.
  • Autonomous - Athlete presses a button to start the sequence; athletes can train on their own.
  • Transmitter is charged using magnetic USB cable (provided).

The Freelap TX Touch transmitter is designed for block starts and three-point football starts. The athlete places a thumb on the transmitter, and as the thumb comes off the transmitter, the FxChip is triggered. The TX Touch has a non-replaceable lithium battery that is rated for 15,000 starts. The accuracy is 1/100 seconds. The TX Touch has a solid construction and is water resistant.

The Freelap Pro BT112 Timing System includes one FxChip BLE, one Tx Touch Pro Transmitter, two Tx Junior Pro Transmitters, and Canvas Case. NOTE: FX chips will not work with this, it needs FX BLE chips (if ordering extra).


The Freelap Pro BT424 Timing System includes four FxChip BLE, two Tx Touch Pro Transmitter, four Tx Junior Pro Transmitters, and Canvas Case. NOTE: FX chips will not work with this, it needs FX BLE chips (if ordering extra).

The Freelap Pro BT824 Timing System includes eight FxChip BLE, two Tx Touch Pro Transmitter, four Tx Junior Pro Transmitters, and Canvas Case. NOTE: FX chips will not work with this, it needs FX BLE chips (if ordering extra).

CA Prop65 Warming - see

CA Prop 65 Warning

The Freelap Tx PowerUnit 3 has a microphone that can start the FxChip when it detects a loud noise such as a gun or clap. The Tx PowerUnit 3 can start up to four track lanes when placed at the center of the four lanes.

The Freelap LED Display is compatible with both the Relay Coach BLE and FxChip BLE. Timing data is transmitted to the LED Display wirelessly via Bluetooth. The color LED Display has a 32 x 16 grid that is 12.5″ x 6.25″. The kit includes tripod, charger, and padded canvas carrying case.

The Freelap Tx Gate Pro is a starting gate for timing Alpine Ski. When the skier’s shin moves the fiberglass wand, the Tx Gate Pro emits a signal that starts the athlete’s FxChip at zero.


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CA Prop65 Warming - see

WARNING: Products may contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. See for more info.

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F. Eugene Driver III F

I purchased 10 BLE chips (each has its own ID code) and five cones (enough cones to cover multiple laps. App instructions took a "little" to get use to (I called for help, and quickly got it). I used to hand time and right down times in my book (try it with 5+ athletes. I was always asking 'Who was 1st?, Who was 2nd?, etc.. At first I was using chips AND paper, just in case. Now that I 've got the hang of it, I'll NEVER go back to the Jurassic age. Converting to CSV is easy enough( it goes to a spreadsheet (Excel, Google sheets, etc.) to manipulate. Hints: 1) Helps to consistently give each athlete the same chip ID, 2) Make sure "wandering" chipped athletes don't cross cone magnetic field prior to next run, or timer will start, and give erroneous time 3) Make sure to collect chips after practice (easy for you and athlete to forget). System is the greatest thing since sliced energy bars!!!
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Jeremy Vickery Jeremy Verified Purchase

I have 4 BLE chips, and 11 TX Junior cones. The system works really well, and in my opinion is one of the easiest ways to measure sprint and sprint split times for yourself or for a team. The main drawback is the app, and the ability to export data. The only way to get the per-athlete split data out is to generate a PDF, or a convoluted “csv”. If you routinely analyze the data on your athletes from multiple apps and want it all in one place then you need to write your own software (what I did). If you want to post all of the times and let the athletes manage it / remember PRs then it works well enough. The core product is easy to use and seems consistent with 240hz cameras and Kinovea or other methods of timing.
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