Gill Pit Stop

Gill Pit Stop
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For track and field facilities looking to run a more efficient and safer way to run the pole vault and high jump events. The Gill Pit Stop keeps pole vault and high jump pits in place, stopping them from shifting due to constant jumping and run throughs. Without the Pit Stop, the shifting in base units can cause a safety concern if gaps form. When this occurs, officials must stop the event and readjust the pads before the competition can resume. The Gill Pit Stop provides the security that pits will stay intact throughout the entire event.

  • 1/4" Powder coated steel plates
  • 1/2" spikes on base secures the plate from shifting
  • Pole Vault Pit Stop includes 2 base plates with a connector panel
  • High Jump Pit Stop includes 1 base plate
  • Compatible with any pole vault or high jump pit

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