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Dashr REACT Systems
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React - Two Module System: 2 React wireless LED modules with 2 tripods (case not included). Note that Dashr 2.0 timing gates are required for using React.

React - Reactive Shuttle  : 2 React wireless LED modules with 2 tripods, 1 timing gate (2 regular tripods, 1 laser module, 1 reflector), carrying case. Everything necessary to test the Reactive Shuttle (NBA combine standard). The timing gate can also be used to test the traditional 5-10-5, L-drill, T-test, and other drills that require one timing gate.

React - Reactive Agility:   2 React wireless LED modules with 2 tripods, 4 timing gates (8 regular tripods, 8 laser module, 8 reflector), 2 carrying cases, and 2 additional tripods for additional options. This package allows for the most flexibility with the Dashr system. 4 timing gates (Elite kit) allows for testing dash, flying, and agility drills. The addition of 2 React wireless LED modules introduces the ability to test reaction drills, standard tests such as the Reactive Shuttle and Reactive Agility Test (RAT), but you can also get creative with it and perform sport specific reaction drills such as BD drills in football and bag stealing in baseball (for example).

Outdoor Reactive Agility Kit: 2 React wireless LED modules with 2 tripods, 4 timing gates (8 regular tripods, 8 laser modules, 8 reflectors), 2 carrying cases, 8 weight systems, 2 additional regular tripods and phone holders, 4 Heat Shields.

** This products requires an Android (API 21 or newer) or iOS (version 10.0 or newer) compatible device which is not included with this purchase.  A network is not needed to utilize the Dashr system, therefore a dedicated device can be purchased elsewhere for use with the Dashr timing systems.  If multiple drills are run simultaneously, each drill requires it’s own mobile device to run the Dashr app


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