PowerMax Soft Plyoboxes

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These soft plyoboxes are designed to be less intimidating than steel boxes for the developing athlete. Standard 28”x28” blocks. 3” block is built with 2.2# density polyethylene foam, other sizes with 1.8# which provides stability, shock attenuation, and performance. Boxes are secured for stacking with industrial stength Velcro and have a durable vinyl cover. All boxes are less than 28 lbs. and have two reinforced handles for portability

Size SKU Price
3 iin ZTA203 $117
6 in. ZTA206 $159
12 in. ZTA212 $225
18 in. ZTA218 $321
24 in. ZTA224 $386
Set of 5 (1 ea.) ZTA225 $1175
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