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Starting in Fall of 2018, Gill will be consolidating thier Pole offerings. Please see our VS In-Stock pole list for previous models still available by calling us. 800-676-7463

We intend to substantially improve vaulting pole stock availability beginning this fall through a strategic consolidation of our entire vaulting pole line-up. This will allow us to stock much more heavily in every length and weight with the goal of SAME DAY shipping of all fiberglass poles and substantial lead time reduction on carbon poles. We begin the transition to a revised family of only Pacer branded vaulting poles beginning August 1 2018.
We are also excited to announce the release of a new composite vaulting pole, replacing the Carbon FX.

The Pacer Performance Advantage
Pacer has vaulting pole models designed for every vaulter, from novice to elite. And all Pacer poles are designed with Best Flex™ technology allowing a smooth transition from pole to pole, no matter the length, weight, or model.
Pacer ONE
The Pacer One is a versatile, economical pole perfect for every vaulter. The Pacer ONE design ‘slows down’ the bend allowing more time to rotate into vertical position. Available 9’ to 13’ in 10# increments. Similar design and performance to Skypole.
Pacer FXV
Gill’s flagship vaulting pole is made from an S-fiberglass and is designed to be a consistent through the series of poles. This creates a smooth transition for a vaulter moving from one pole to the next. The Pacer FXV is the only pole on the market with a one year warranty, and performs well for all styles of jumpers. Available 12’ through 16’9” in 5# increments. Similar design and performance to Pacer Mystic.
The new Pacer COMPOSITE blends advanced fiberglass and carbon material with Pacer FXV technology to create the perfect formula for the advanced and technical vaulter. The Pacer COMPOSITE is designed to match the length and flex needs of your series of Pacer poles, generates a substantially lighter carry weight and superior energy return in a robust and durable composite construction. Available 13’-16’9” in 5# increments. Similar design and performance to Carbon FX and Mystic Carbon.


Pole Tips for Mystic, Skypole & Pacer
Pole Vault Grip Tapes
Pole Vault Tapes
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Ninja Elite Grip Tape
Magic Grip/Stickum Spray
VS Pole Bag
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Gill Essentials Pole Bag
Pole Protector Sleeve
Gill Elite Pole Bag
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