Pacer Orange Discus

Pacer Orange Discus
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Note: If a shoe size won't add to your cart, it is SOLD OUT.

All sizes are ADULT US and MENS unless it specifically says womens or W in the name.

Recommended for experienced throwers

  • Orange ABS plastic side plates
  • Steel alloy rim
  • Up to 86% rim weight
  • Meets WA, High School and NCAA specification

4918 - 2k

4917 - 1.75k

4916 - 1.6k

4915 - 1.5k

4914 - 1k

Select each model to see prices for different weights. DISCONTINUED, CALL FOR AVAILABILITY. 

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4 Most Recent Customer Reviews

Dale Fisher Dale Verified Purchase

Great discus. Perfect rim weight for this old man :)
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Burt Anderson Burt Verified Purchase

For my HS boys throwers. They love the feel and control, even in bad Midwest weather.
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paul middleton paul Verified Purchase

i also purchased this Pacer for my better girl HS throwers. 153' and 135'. they can make it sing. love the feel in hand, they throw this as well as the "german" discs we have for them, the white, black and the skinny rim ones. i won't say its better, but it is certainly equal in quality and value. as with other high rim weight discus' it is not one that beginners or even intermediates should use. for those throwers who can work it, the Orange Pacer does the good. i forsee another state championship in the near future and a top 3 medal by our girls using this discus.
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John Fappas John Verified Purchase

I purchased the Pacer Orange Discus, for my top girls to throw in competition, it has a great feel, not sure if it's just a mental thing but the first meet we used it my top girl won the dist meet, setting a personal best that she had been stuck on for months. I would recommend this disc to any one who wants to throw far, isn't that the goal?
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