Gill Electronic Starting Pistol

Gill Electronic Starting Pistol
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All sizes are US and MENS unless it specifically says womens or W in the name.

Battery operated starting pistol eliminates the need for blanks
• Pistol comes with auxiliary cable to hook it up to the optional 45 W Megaphone

• Strobe light tip flashes when the gun is fired to offer a visual signal for hand timing

• Connects to FinishLynx

• Uses three AA batteries

Please take care and do not pull the trigger like a normal gun, only slight pressure is needed to press the button.

Requires external sound system. Speaker sold separate. See related items. 

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Juwan Wrenn Juwan Verified Purchase

This Starting Pistol is very sturdy and I like how it has a light on it that also shows when the gun is fired because of course light travels faster than sound so if you're doing hand timing, it will be more accurate. I think that it is OVERPRICED. but it is really good.
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