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For Track & Field, Cross Country & Road Races

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TFRRS XC Compatible

Easiest software to use for ANY size event from simple to complex 1. From small Dual Meets to Large, Multi-day Invitational's w/Prelims, Semi & Finals. 2. All types of Cross Country Meets 3. Road Races with age-group breakdowns, Races started in waves with calculated times

  • You setup the events and Data Entry is EASY 1. Type Name & Team only once. 2. Can import Name & Team from Spreadsheets and Online Services. TFRRS Compatible! Import entries from any website.
  • Customize your own seeding formulas.
  • Print Heat/Flight sheets, labels, bib tags for XC w/bar codes and more!
  • During the meet you simply enter the times or import times & results & award labels are printed immediately. Finishlynx times import with one click.
  • Can link to various timers so that all times are automatically entered for you in a mater of seconds. RFID Systems too.
  • Times are saved on your hard drive so the timer can be used for the next race.
  • Scores your meet with many options (including restricted # of athletes like NCAA) & prints complete results at the end.
  • For Cross Country it scores your meet in seconds and produces statistics on each team showing: 1. Average per mile/km for each runner, 2. Top 5 average 3. Top 7 average 4. Top 5 split 5. Plus other useful & motivational data.
  • True Click-and-Drag to select and arrange the relay athletes on relay events.
  • All reports show on screen exactly as they will appear on the printer.
  • All reports may be exported to WORD, TXT, PDF, HMTL and many other formats.
  • Colorful HTML heat sheets and meet results for your web site plus live results you can ftp after each event automatically.
  • Entries accepted in spread sheet (comma delimited) and many other formats.
  • Instantly see the finish order in any event.
  • Instantly see the qualifiers for the next round.
  • Score multiple meets within a meet.
  • New report formats, all redesigned.
  • Combine meets.
  • Prints Metric/English conversions.
  • Ability to read Fieldlynx (.lff) files.
  • Publishes Live results to FTP or  HTML with one keystroke. Now has LIVE XC Team scores updated as bibs are scanned!
  • Heptathlon/Decathlon/Pentathlon/Hexathlon Scoring!
  • Control up to 5 Electronumerics Race clocks from within the program.
  • More features added via free upgrades for at least 4 years per major releas .


Version 3.0 pricing:

Single User: for a team, high school, college etc who runs meets that they host and in which their athletes compete.

Contractor: for those running any meets in which their employees are running EMM

If you wish to upgrade to 3.0 from  2.0 or 1.0, please visit EW's website for upgrade rates. VS only sells new licenses. To see sample results, visit phototiming.com and see previous events.

Easyware is only distributed online by the email address on the order.

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Henry Tudor Henry

This product is the best value for money about.I can use it with my finishlynx system for track and field meets,cross country and road races. And I can use it stand alone for Distance races. The best feature is the ability to over print certificates with virtually any of the result field information. You can even manipulate this to put things on the certificates that were never intended. A great product that i would recommend to anyone.
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Paul Rodriguez Paul

I bought this program because I am disappointed in the way some other meet manager program attempts to nickle and dime you for every update they come out with. Meet manager has great support from its creator, he is available for any questions and to help with any problems. All updates are free and come via internet. It does age grade meets (which you get charged for with other programs) you can use it with almost every timing system on the market. This meet program is great for those schools who have limited funds. It will not disappoint.
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Aaron Ford Aaron

After using that other Meet Management program for so long I thought it would be nice to try a new piece of software. Easy Meet Manager is an EXCELLENT program! I spent 7 months learning Hy-Tek, and it only took me 2 weeks to learn Easy Meet Manager. You can't beat the price of this software either. I HIGHLY recommend this software!
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